Keyword and phrase and tips 6 SEO technique

Keyword and phrase and tips 6 SEO technique

Searching for one specific keyword is no longer proven method to a successful digital presence. So long tail keyword and phrases is a another solutions to enhance your rankings in search engine. The benefits for long tail keywords and phrase is placing the words in the correct location in your content which will help search engines to index your website and the other benefit is that it will face less competition.

Users who search by using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers

Tips for SEO technique

1. Your targeted keyword should be utilized naturally throughout the copy of the entire web page. Search engines keep changing their algorithms once in a while. A company that is following organic SEO techniques has no reason to worry since its website is on top because of its high-quality content and not because of technical loopholes.

2. Use long tail keywords in title tag

3. Use a relevant keyword for your image file

4. URL structure should be short

5. Utilize proper heading tags

6. Increase site speed

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